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recycked materials

BH Paving Inc. offers a more economically conservative approach to paving your property. Our material is a recycled asphalt which is the same category as stone. The major benefit with our recycled material is that it is not mixed with dirt. It also has enough oils in the material that when the sun hits it, the material reheats and forms a crust that creates a more permanent structure. One of the differences in our recycled material to cover your roadway is price. It is more expensive that crushed stone and cheaper than paving your roadway. The lifetime expectancy of recycled material last longer than stone and can be a quality alternative to having your property paved.

How does it work? The recycled material is made from road millings which come from our asphalt company. The plant takes those millings and grinds them into the recycled materials we use. These are made from an extremely fine material with no big chunks or clumps for a smooth application.

Supplies are limited based upon our manufacturing plants quantities. If you would like to find out more information about our recycled materials, please feel free to give us a call at 610-746-2204.

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